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How to Download E-books or digital Audiobooks

to a Computer, Tablet, or Smartphone?

Currently, Brighton Memorial Library users can get e-books and digital audiobooks through Hoopla as well as Overdrive or its mobile app, Libby*. 


Hoopla is our new streaming service specifically for Brighton residents.  You can access e-books, digital audiobooks, movies, television shows, music, and comics through the App.  Items are available immediately- you do not need to place any holds in HOOPLA.  Each library card holder can check out up to four items per month (FYI-each episode of a TV show is considered an item).

E-books/digital audiobooks are available for 3 week loans, TV shows & Movies are 3 day loans, and music albums are 7 day loans.  Books can be downloaded to your device or streamed. 

Click on the HOOPLA icon below to sign up:



Go to the Overdrive site, pick out the materials (up to 12 items at a time) that you want, borrow them, and then download them into the Overdrive App or the Libby App. 


*Please note: The Libby App does not work with Kindle, so you will need to get the Overdrive App/software on your device if you are using a Kindle. On non-Kindle devices, either app will work. While not all publishers are working with Overdrive, our purchasers review The New York Times Best Sellers and purchase whatever formats we can of those items.

I want to:


If you are still having problems and want someone to walk you through Overdrive, please call our Information Desk at 784-5300 and choose option 2. We can schedule a time for a tech tutor appointment.

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