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Carol Heininger Wahl Memorial 
Children’s Literary Garden

     The Carol Heininger Wahl Memorial Children’s Literary Garden is located on the south side of our library and can be seen from inside the Children's Center. The memorial garden was made possible with major gifts from Brighton Memorial Library donors Thomas R. Wahl, Jr. and Katie Wahl Sullivan and from Shubhangi Gandhi of Razak Associates, LLC, with contributing support from other donors.

     The design of the garden evolved around the central theme of children, literature, and nature. Located just outside the Children’s Center, the garden features meandering paths, perennial beds, shrubs to attract butterflies and birds, ornamental trees, quotations from children’s literature related to the plantings, benches for relaxing, and a child’s sized amphitheater for warm-weather storytimes. The free-form stamped concrete walkway forms the core of the design. The main entrance is emphasized by the freestanding timber structures, and a walk through them lends perspective and draws the eye into the space beyond. Undulating berms provide enclosure and lead to the grassy steps of an amphitheater nestled between the trunks of two trees for naturally canopied outdoor storytimes. 

     The trees, shrubs, and flowers are native species that are easy to identify in a dynamic seasonal landscape. Color, texture, smell, and form play an important part in the array of flora. We welcome you to our garden and hope you will stroll, relax, read, and enjoy our four-season display.

View of Children's literary garden from the west side of the garden looking east, bench in foreground
Picture of Echinacea blooms with a bee
Plaque from Children's literary garden of William Wordsworth quote.  Yellow flowers in foreground.
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