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Teen Educational Resources

BML partners with local schools, Chariot Learning, and other groups to provide practice ACT and SAT tests and other educational opportunities.

Rochester Peer Tutoring

Do you know a student struggling in a class?  BML has teamed up with Rochester Peer Tutoring which offers free virtual tutoring once a week from fellow students. If you are interested, please fill out this tutee application (after September 7, 2022,) so they may have a better understanding of your learning needs in order to pair you up with a suitable student tutor.


Once you submit the application, we will review it and get back to you as soon as possible. More information about how tutoring will work can be found here. If you have any other questions, feel free to email Roc Peer Tutoring at or follow us on instagram @rocpeertutor.

Visit the RPT website:

Volunteering with Rochester Peer Tutoring 

Do you want to help students in Grades 1-12 by tutoring them? Could you use a little extra help in a subject? Rochester Peer tutoring is taking applications for both students and tutors for a new volunteer program through Brighton Memorial Library.  Find out more about the program by reading this document.

If you are interested in volunteering to be a tutor, please fill out this application.


From a recent BML Newsletter:

Students Across Monroe County Volunteer to Help Their Peers


       When reflecting on the past twelve calendar months, people typically grumble about the challenges that have been presented, including the pandemic, business closings, and stay-at-home orders. One of the greatest challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic has been helping students learn in an unlikely environment—their homes. Educators have been forced to teach online, students have had to jockey for computer time, and parents have had to relearn subjects long forgotten.

     When Bhuvana Chimmiri and Delia Zhangfeng, two seniors from Brighton High School, saw their peers struggling while trying to learn from home, they decided to do something about the educational challenges and founded Rochester Peer Tutoring, a student led organization that connects students who either want to tutor or who need help. 

     “Rochester Peer Tutoring means a lot to both of us,” Bhuvana said. “We were inspired to start the program after seeing the impact of COVID-19 on students in school. Going to school only two times a week can be challenging, and large classes can result in less teacher interaction, which is why we started the organization.”

       Delia agreed, “We wanted to connect students in different school districts with students in need of a peer mentor who can guide and support them in their course work through one-on-one ZOOM tutoring sessions.”

       The program, which began in September, has received enthusiastic support. More than sixty tutoring sessions were held in January (February’s numbers are not available yet), according to Deena Viviani, Brighton Memorial Library’s (BML) Young Adult & Programming Services Librarian, noting students in grades 1-12 have taken advantage of the free service.

       “This program has been the most successful young adult centered program at BML since the pandemic, which is largely due to the fact that it is for teens and kids but run by teens themselves,” said Deena.

       Tutor and tutee recruitment has been primarily by word of mouth.

       Before becoming a tutor, those interested first complete an online application that includes questions about accomplishments related to their intended tutoring subject specialties and why they want to participate in the program.

       Core subject areas include math, history, languages, and the sciences. Extracurricular activities include coding, science Olympiad subjects, creative writing, and the performing arts.

       Twenty-eight Brighton, Mendon, Harley, Rochester City, and Sutherland High School students in grades 9-12 currently serve as peer tutors.

       “We train our tutors before they start their tutoring sessions, so sessions have been going really well,” Delia said. “Each month the number of volunteer hours logged keeps increasing, and tutees give us feedback saying that their tutor is helping them greatly.”

       Comments like “Thank you, you saved my Geometry grade!” and “I love my tutor!” are common.

       Those interested in receiving help can read a brief bio about each tutor on BML’s website,, before signing up for the program. Some of the tutors have traveled the world, while others are active in sports or the arts. Academic interests are also listed.

       Bhuvana, for example, is a volunteer at BML and at local hospitals. Her interests include public speaking and international affairs. Her subject specialty is math, but she enjoys tutoring languages, such as French and English.

       Delia works at BML as a page and door greeter. A few of her interests include reading and enjoying nature. Her subject specialty is science, but she can tutor social studies and ESL, as well.

       Bhuvana and Delia asked several tutors about what inspired them to apply/join the organization and their experience so far. Their responses are as follows:

       Muhammad Mbowe: "I didn't always want to tutor. I thought it would take too much time and that it I didn't have enough to offer. However, I realized that whatever knowledge I could impart is important and that I needed to pursue an avenue where I could do that, and that avenue was Rochester Peer Tutoring."

       Sasha Belyablya: "Rochester Peer Tutoring allows me to connect with students in a unique way---I don't just tutor but get to know my tutee on a personal level to understand their learning style. Tutoring with this organization has made me more observant and supportive of those around me, and I feel that I am helping fellow students with each meeting.” 

       Angel Tang: "I am very grateful to this organization, having connected us tutors with other students who may need some help with schoolwork, especially due to this COVID situation. Roc Peer Tutors has helped me discover my love for teaching and helping others, and I look forward every week to meeting with my tutees."

       Isaac Gray: "I think that tutoring has not only made me a better teacher, but it has also made me a better learner because I understand how to make [concepts] stick in your head, which has helped me with my own studies."

      Vinay Pendri: "This organization has allowed me to meet and help other students during this confusing time in education. I have discovered my love for connecting with other students my own age, and I always appreciate being able to spend time improving someone else’s day!"

       Aarushi Narang: "I first applied to be a peer tutor because I thought it would be an excellent opportunity to strengthen my knowledge about different concepts by teaching them to others, and by helping my peers learn new things all at the same time!"  

       Zachary Kersh: "This tutoring opportunity has caused me to find a deeper understanding of what I want to do."

       Maureen Zhang: "As a tutor, I've been privileged to nurture my tutee's love of learning. Witnessing the personal and academic growth in my tutee makes tutoring a truly enriching experience."

       The focus of the organization is to form strong peer-to-peer relationships, which is why many students are interested in applying as tutors and tutees.

       “It is a student based organization, and that's definitely the best part,”Bhuvana said. “Parents love the fact that their children can get extra support from other students, so we can say that parents love what we do. Most importantly, our tutors love what they do and motivate us to work harder every day!”

       Bhuvana and Delia plan to continue this organization after they graduate high school in June. Both are passionate about providing these resources to students who need them.

       Always striving to improve the organization, the two are busy working on creating leadership positions, so they can train students to continue Rochester Peer Tutoring for years to come. Their monthly meetings with tutors to see what is working well and what is not will remain, and new additions, like their of Tutors of the Month on the BML Facebook page, will be implemented.

       “The teens who are doing the tutoring have been through the classes that they are helping others with,” Deena said. “During the pandemic and lost in-person teaching time, some students are finding it harder to keep up with certain subjects. These peer tutors – who are volunteering their time for free – are helping to fill in that gap.”

       To learn more about Rochester Peer Tutoring or to become a tutor or tutee, visit



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