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Partners in Reading for Seniors (PIRS)

What is PIRS?
PIRS is the Partner in Reading for Seniors program at the Brighton Memorial Library. This free program aims at partnering volunteers to read or deliver library materials to homebound seniors living in Brighton.

To receive services, applicants must be a homebound senior resident living in the town of Brighton. To volunteer for the program, volunteers must be 18 or older with a driver’s license. Please know that there could be a waiting period if there are not enough volunteers to be paired with senior residents or vice versa.

Library Materials & Loan Periods
Any circulating library materials within the Monroe County Library System are eligible for check out. This includes books either regular or large print, books on CD, DVDs, music, and art kits. Any items that are not immediately available for check out at the Brighton Memorial Library can be placed on hold by the senior resident or their volunteer. The volunteer will check out items on their senior’s card that either their senior requested, or the volunteer will think is of interest to them. Each item will differ with its loan period. We ask each volunteer to return their senior resident’s items by their due date stated on the checkout receipt.


Delivery and Reading Times
Deliveries are made by volunteers. If an assigned volunteer is unavailable, then it will be made by a Brighton Memorial Library employee. The frequency, time and dates for delivery or reading will be agreed upon by the volunteer and their senior resident.


How to Apply:
Please fill out either a volunteer or senior resident application below. The application can be dropped off at the Brighton Memorial Library’s Circulation Desk, mailed to the Brighton Memorial Library’s address or emailed to

A senior and a PIRS volunteer.
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