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The Friends of BML Board Members

President: Wendy Scull

Vice President: Cathy Fager

Treasurer: Ann Vodacek

Assistant Treasurer: Izzy Coons

Corresponding Secretary: Jacqui Lipschitz

Recording Secretary: Rochelle Cohen Lempert


Izzy Coons

Julie Damerell

Judy Dell

Cathy Fager

Barbara Festenstein

Ann Fox

Hinda Miller

Nancy Newton

Alice Palokoff

Kathleen Keenan Palumbos

Linda Rapkin

Naomi Schrier

Wendy Scull

Betsey Soffer

Cindy Stuart

Ann Vodacek


Jennifer Ries-Taggart, Executive Director, BML, Ex-Officio


Schedule of Meetings:

2nd Thursday each month at 1:30 PM, unless otherwise noted, in the Friends Learning Center.

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