The Friends of BML Board Members

President: Naomi Schrier
Vice-President: Hinda Miller
Secretary: Kris Lamendola

Corresponding Secretary: Kathleen Palumbos

Treasurer: Rosemary Grimes 
Assistant Treasurer: Kris Lamendola

Rachel Axelrod
Maxine Bittker
Judy Dell
Marcia Elwitt

Kathy Fager

Rosemary Grimes
Kenneth Harbison

Kris Lamendola
​Hinda Miller
Nancy Newton
Kathleen Palumbos
Nancy Reitkopp
Naomi Schrier
Ira Schulman

Wendy Scull
​Betsey Soffer

Ann Vodacek

Jennifer Ries-Taggart, Executive Director, Ex-officio

Schedule of Meetings
(2nd Thursday each month @ 1:30 PM, unless otherwise noted, in the Friends Learning Center)