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Internet Computers

What's Available

  • 12 terminals with Internet access in the adult services area

  • two parental-use terminals with Internet access in the Children's Center

  • printing from all Internet computers

  • Office 2013 software on all public computers










Wi-Fi and Laptops

Our free Wi-Fi network appears as Brighton Memorial Library Wifi. You can access it without a password. Your device will pick the strongest signal for where you are seated. We also have laptops that adults may borrow for use inside the library. You will be asked to leave your driver's license at the Check Out Desk when you sign out a laptop.

Group Study Rooms

Three private tutoring rooms are available with chairs and a counter for groups ranging in size from two to six people. Our study rooms do not have tables in them due to their size.

Study rooms may be reserved up to four weeks in advance via our online scheduling system or (if you don't have an email address,) by calling 784-5300 (choose option #2 when prompted).

Group study room use by individuals is on a walk-in basis when available.  For special circumstances, please call the library at 784-5300 (choose option #2 when prompted).

Study rooms can be used up to 120 minutes per day per group.

Large Quiet Study Room

The purpose of the Brighton Memorial Library (BML) Quiet Study Room is to provide dedicated space for

patrons seeking a quiet environment to work individually on activities such as studying, writing, doing

homework, conducting research, or reading without distractions. 

With no exceptions, the Quiet Study Room is available for individual patrons only and may not be used by two or more people working together. Note: BML offers three small study rooms that may be reserved in advance for group study use. Additionally, group study is permitted throughout the library.
The Quiet Study Room is available on a walk-in basis only. Reservations are not required, nor is there a time limit associated with the room.
The Quiet Study Room is equipped with workspace areas, seating, two computers, and multiple electrical outlets. BML does not provide other equipment or furniture for use by the occupants. 
Use of electronic equipment, such as laptops or handheld devices, is allowed, but audio is prohibited. Under no circumstances are cell phone conversations allowed in the room.
Conversations are not allowed except when BML staff needs to communicate with patrons using the room.

People using desktop computers.
A view of the glass walled quiet room from outside of it.
A tutor and a student working in a study room.
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